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By bullgod425
Hate shoveling the walk-way, porch or driveway? Small heated coils that would run under your concrete walk way or driveway (heating the concrete or pavement just above freezing temperature to keep snow, or ice from building up, saving time, money and slipping and falling) would eliminate having to stand out in the cold and run a snow blower, shovel or the expensive daily bill of having someone plow for you.
By JustAnObserver
Not a new idea, but an expensive one.

A couple places tried it near me using electric heat in the concrete. Bad idea, the heat coils go bad then you have sections that are snowy and sections that are not.

My suggestion would be when you are installing the drive way or sidewalk, to dig a little deeper and run Plastic tubing like pex in the pea gravel. Black top or concrete above the gravel.

Your heating unit would most likely be in the garage or utility room and you only run it until the snow is melted and dried, probably about 8 hours. then shut it down till the next snow storm.

Of course you use antifreeze coolant, like used in cars, to keep the coolant from freezing and damaging the tubing.

The heater can be electric or gas. Electric is ok here because the heating coil can be replaced.

This is an idea I will actually do when my driveway is redone in the future.

By Thinkadin
It's already available, and it costs alot to run it no matter how you do it. Save the planet, don't be lazy get some exercise or move south
By tatejo
there are two ways of this already, but i do agree it would be awesome... one way is to run water pipe under the concrete but you would have to pay to heat this water pricey.....and the other way is with heat coils....although with this vast of an area doing it with water would be a cheaper way out.
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