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By cymspot
This speaker would have multiple drivers, the speaker would be two sections, one section (the head) would have an array of drivers 90 % directed towards a wall 10% directed towards the listener. The head drivers would be twiddlers. A pedestal is long and shapely and houses a woofer and the speakers amplifier.

4 complete speaker units will be attached to an electronics center which delivers source material to the speakers. It also has a logic center that will equalize an direct energy to different panels of the speaker.

The head of the speaker has 3 to 5 drivers and only one faces the listener the remainder of the drivers are mounted on two panels angled to distribute the sound to the inside between the R&L speaker and another panel to the outside of the speaker.

The inside firing drivers of the R&L units will be fed a signal outputted from surround system processing for a center phantom image. The outward firing speakers would handle R and L information along with the forward firing driver.

Two units of this speaker would be used for surround effects and spatial effects from stereo recordings.

By having a woofer installed in each pedestal the control center is capable of delaying low frequencies with relation from the front to the rear speaker units.

Other processing could be done between all eight panels of the 4 units. The rear surround units could be built without forward firing drivers.

Each unit would have its own amplifier, and be bi-amplified.

Reward: Free speker system

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