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By showmethegadget
Introduce new packaging for sweets, crisps, and other snacks offered in cinemas, that is silent when handled. Discreet sweets would be wrapped in a softer plastic, while crisp bags would employ an air valve release to avoid lap top explosions.
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By Steve
I always thought that the main purpose of eating crisps in a cinema is to make some noise? 8-o
By jackjohnson
Yeah, bother eachother watching the same movie ;)

I lik the idea no crispy sounds bothering me annoyingly during movies.

But the loud explosions of an action - comedy would cover them

By Ideamonger
For less noise, how about using the soft plastics that are used for sandwich baggies (the no zipper style) as a material. They may not be suitable for the entire packaging due to their sensitivity to temperature but they would make a great inside liner.

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