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By DrPam
Here's what I would love if someone would create... Christmas lights that can be left up all year without making you look like the problem neighbor.

I'm thinking of a thin housing or tube that blends seamlessly with the gutters on your house. The housing would appear white when the lights were off, but would be transparent enough to see the lights through when they were turned on. Of course, the lights would have to be reliable so you don't lose strings here and there and have to climb up every year anyway.

They would clip to gutters and be inflexible enough that they would look like part of the gutter (not flexible like rope light, which would sag over time).

Other styles that blend with roof shingles would also be cool so you could have lights on the top of the roof too. But starting with white to blend with gutters would seem the easiest place to start.

Reward: I would love to have these installed on my house!!
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