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By JustAnObserver
Those of you that drive have come to enjoy the romance between a driver and their car.
All those cars are driven by the driver in accordance to laws which are supposed to be enforced by the local POLICE AGENCY.

I am here to suggest that some of these agencies are not as ambitious as they should be. Because of this some cities have installed Cameras at stop light signals, or at toll booths which are SOoooooo Sloooooooow that even though you have tossed your money in, you still get a citation for running the darn booth. ( been there, done that ) That little piece of paper will cost you about $100 in fines.

In the case of the cameras at the stop lights, the camera system does not know the difference between someone making a Right Turn on Red ( which is supposed to be legal ) and a car running a red light. ( Been there, done that - too! ) It just sees your motion through the red light, snaps a pic of your car and you get sent a ticket for $100.

Now, I would not want to suggest that automobile drivers should break any laws, as driving is a privilege but I do feel we should have a say when our friends at the POLICE DEPARTMENT take advantage of people who are not actually causing an illegal act. ( I am using the big words because they like to hear that language.)

What I propose is a piece of glass that goes over the rear license plate, the one the cameras always take a pic of. This glass is in production for commercial buildings and home windows that desire privacy.

How it works is you have a switch on the dash and when you turn it on, the glass turns gray. After you make your LEGAL right turn on RED, you turn it back off. ( Might I mention that if you leave it on, you will meet some new friends at the local POLICE STATION and probably get another $100 fine).

The purpose of the license plate Glass is to keep the Cameras honest, even if they don't want you to keep them honest.

If anyone has a suppliers website ( I have not heard of them in production yet ), post it here as I would like to get some. ( Hey I have more than one vehicle and the cams don't care what they take a pic of ).

Let me strongly suggest that this would be greatly frownd upon if they knew you had it so you would only use it for the cameras benefit and then quickly turn off again. There would be no promises of any benefit of use.

Good luck


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