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By willp
On long pants like cargo pants, the top half of a stffed animal could be sewn to the outside lip of the pocket, making it appear that a small furry animal is peeking from out of your pocket.

The animal could also be attached by velcro, and could double as a hand-puppet. New animals could be "accessories".

Reward: A big smile.
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By Michael D. Grissom
I really think kids would go bonkers for this (fad?) idea and prototypes would be so easy to make and test market that YOU should do it.

Use iron-on Velcro to affix a modified store bought mini stuffed animal to a kids pants pocket and send him to school -- then see what happens.

If you have MY luck, you'll probably get fined for violating child labor laws! :~(
By Dona
Great Idea! I think the parents would love it for their kids. The accessory peekers would make great stocking stuffers for Christmas. And it would be a reasonably priced gift item for birthdays as well. Why stop at wearing them in pants pockets? They could be attached to pockets on jackets, or attached to a hat, or worn like a wrist watch or ankle bracelet.

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