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By Lukasz
Did you ever have an impression that no matter how many alarm clocks you have going on, radios, etc. you just can't wake up ... It happens to me all the time. Even if I am rested I do "battle with the shooooozzzzeee button" and I always win ;). But one think is always wierd, if my cellphone goes off (even if it is set on vibrate), or someone just says "get up." I will wake up. So I come up with a super clock.

It will have to be set to different stages of volume:
1. quiet (first 3-5 min.)
2. medium (second 5-10 min.)
3. high (third 5-10 min.)
4. EXTRA SOUND of a cell phone, or recorded voice of anyone (even option of recording it yourself) possibly screaming!!! ;), or any other sound.... (whatever works for you).

The snooze option will also have different stages:
1. 10 min.
2. 5 min.
3+. 3 min.

Plus you want the 4 sound option to interchange (extra option maybe).

Reward: I would like to have a couple of those (5-10) - some of my friends have the some sleeping problem as I do.
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By Steve
How about the sound of your neighbors drilling a nail into the wall beside your head? That always works for me! :-D

The problem with cell phone ring tones, fire alarms, recorded baby screaming etc. I see is that once you got used to the fact that it's only your alarm clock trying to trick you into getting up, you will ignore it just as happily as any conventional alarm clock sounds.
By jackjohnson
Yeah I don't like alarm clocks. Of course I use one and fortunately I wake up easily.

I (also) thought about having your favorite celeb(s) waking you up.

An 'oldie': Kramer: Hey, buddy, sorry to wake you up... Can I use your shower? ... etc '

Ross and Rachel: You were on a break! You are not anymore! Wake up!

Something as funny as that. Or something funny.

Download (daily) new wake up voices from the net. Celebs keep entering them. Would be very easy to do.
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By Steve
Yeah, I think that would be cool: An alarm clock connected to the internet that will wake you up with random lines and or sounds every day. Possibly this could work like the Yahoo music channel - the system could record your reaction time (until you press the button) as well as other data and automatically choose the sounds that are most effective for you. No repetitions (unless you choose so via you personal profile) and all sounds have already been tested by sleepers all over the world.
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By Lukasz
I am happy that you guys like this idea ;) The Internet download is also a good option ... but computer connectivity is enough, it would give one the ability to create own sounds, download tons of very cool wav. files etc. I really believe that this idea could work!

Somebody please do it!!! :-D

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By Lukasz
By the way, if you like my idea, PLS vote for it!
By jackjohnson
i will - or had
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By Lukasz
THX for voting!
I will make sure to come up with more good ideas ;)
By jackjohnson
Good ideas can make a difference ;)
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By Lukasz
I know
By GotNoCreativity
:-) :-B :,-( 8-o %-6 um .. i'm not sure but i think it's already invented. cuz i thought about an alarm clock that vibrates and records .. (almost everything you had) and i saw a website for it .. it's already invented ... heh .. :~( :-D ;-) :-P :-) ;-7 O:-) !+) B-) :-b
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By Michael D. Grissom
I had this terrible problem while in the Navy (Vietnam) and was forced to take drastic measures. I rigged a mechanical alarm clock to apply 48 volts AC (ships power source) to electrodes taped to my big and little toes on one foot. 48 VAC is strong enough to jerk you out of bed without being painful or damaging and the current only passes through your toes -- not your pacemaker. It also causes a rush of adrinalin (sp) temporarily equivalent to more than a few cups of coffee. Do NOT do this with a higher voltage without current limiting or with ANY Direct Current voltages (would cause sever charlie-horse).

The simplest way I can think of to try this with complete safety is to buy an "Abtronics" (as seen on TV) which runs on a watch battery and wrap it around any part of your body that would be comfortable while sleeping. Intensity is fully adjustable from whatever you think it will take to wake you up to all that's necessary to throw you out of bed. Then use any timer device (available in Granger online catalog) to interrupt the current to either one of the two electrodes going to the Abtronics vel-crow attached electrically conductive belt. Bingo! -- you're ZAP-AWAKE prototype alarm will NEVER EVER let you oversleep again.

Hey!!! -- this could easily be built into a battery operated wrist watch as an added option! Neat huh?

That's what's so great about this CreativityPool -- I would NEVER have thought of this watch option had I not started responding to your post.

Oops, this is a response and not a submission so, I'll just type it in here: I freely give eveything I typed in this response to Public Domain. Reward: None
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By Lukasz
Michael, it is a cool idea - yet I would not test it on myself.

GotNoCreativity, HEY if you are so smart why don't you give me the website. I will most likely like to purchase this product..... boy, your message was sooooo cool and original. ;)
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By Michael D. Grissom
Lukazs,... give you what website? I don't remember mentioning a web site.

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