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By Ronh20

Winterberg proposed using a marx generator as the source of micro-fusion.

Insted of using the Marx Generator proposed by Winterberg am I using a superconductor ring in the application of AU3 to 3H & C2. I quote the Winterberg Principal “
capacitor banks in the megajoule range using the Marx circuit technique, or, perhaps more efficiently, by an electrostatic energy system based on charging a superconducting ring to very high voltages.”

Whereas: AU3 is the superconductor and C2 is the high voltage arc combined with H3 results in micro-fusion and the production of gamma rays and a isomer of C2.

Then we go into physics:

The C2 atom, excited nucleus, with two MO electrons put through a polariton laser, results in the creation of one polariton and one electron and a nucleus for each atom. Then the polaritons and electrons attract magnetically to other like subatomic particles with their nuclei causing a reaction in which atoms bond together in a chain reaction. Like bucky balls carbon structure. As long as you have the modified C2 as fuel, the reaction would take place, The results would be like lighting, carbon charged particles seeking ground.
The funneling of the output of polaritons/electrons and nucleus through a orifice would create forward thrust.

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