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By LGSpencer
Both my partner and my sister are handicapped and have issues staying upright. When they fall they fall and don't have the muscle power to get themselves back up without a great deal of struggle and/or assistance. I thought it would be a good idea to have a way for someone who falls to power themselves up somehow. I'm not talking about a power winch, I'm thinking of something simple and inexpensive that can be available in each room of a house as an emergency assist device. What I think is that some of the climbing devices used for rock wall climbing or similar items could be useful for someone who is just trying to 1. get to a sitting position, then 2. get to a standing position. I thought about ropes installed in room corners, or something along those lines .. or some sort of double-cane system that can pull a person up without backing down.

Reward: the device
By Highguard01
This is a harsh display of my ability but probily has some standing. Magnetic implants would be able to make them stiffn there leg or even aid ever single joint in anyones body can be manupulated and assistedthe hard part is designing frequancys and masting the polaritys used to help aid the certain joint then like your muscles work you would surely have less truble moving
and there are a wide varities of magnets but haven done this you will not be able to have mris and other medical procedures done unless you figure in some devider or defferent way
so the implants would change polarities to slightly aid the muscles and skelton to move engeneering robotic anomolyies.
By stikelighting
Have you ever seen a life raft inflate? Pull a string and wah lah! Well, you could have a very compact, compartmental, roll onto instant inflatable. First takes you to sitting position (chair) then, another tug and a wedge lift brings you to standing. Think about it.
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