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I have a handheld blender/cake mixer/dough mixer from Braun that could be improved upon. I don't see even see this product (or anything like it) anymore on, where I found it. Hopefully someone could bring back a product with these features, plus the features I describe below. Alternatively, maybe someone could make aftermarket attachments for hand blenders with adapters for different models.

There are a number of places on hand blenders and their attachments that can be hard to reach to clean. I would prefer a hand blender with a removable blade on the blending attachment as cleaning underneath this blade can be difficult when attached. I'd also like a food chopping blade with a shaft that doesn't have any hard to reach or unreachable yet exposed spaces inside it. I have yet to find anything that can reach inside the shaft of my food chopping blade, where I see funk has collected.

While there is a hand held automatic shredder/slicer (the salad shooter), no one has combined such a device with a hand blender. I would like to see this done. There are probably other attachments that could be made for a hand blender, perhaps the many attachments for KitchenAid stand mixers could serve as inspiration.

Reward: A free one.
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