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By Nate the Great
This is a website that matches up your lifestyle with the right dog. It would opperate much like the "match making" websites. People interested in owning a dog can fill out a survey and the computer will match them up with a list of dogs that would be most compatible with that person's lifestyle.

Reward: Happy dogs.
By Whsprz
I still think looking in shelters is better because sometimes what you originally had in mind might not be the perfect dog you need. Also if a person is really comitted to having a pet they should do more thanorder it off the net.
By Nate the Great
Point taken. The website would not be actually selling a dog, simply pointing out possible dogs that match up with the user's life style. The user would be responsible for searching out that type of dog. Like a match making site, the user would go to a shelter / kennel / store to "date" that dog.

Revenue could be generated by advertising kennels, shelters, services, classifieds, local to the user.
By Whsprz
I believe there is petfinder .com they are linked to several shelters and humane societes and getting more interested in joining every day.
By Capri
Nate, I think it's a great idea. People have no idea how different dog personalities can be and so many times people choose a dog based on...well, who knows what, looks, what their friends have or tell them to get. That is one reason they end up in shelters, they are not matched right.

The other poster doesn't get it. You can have the site find you a specific breed and then you can still go to a rescue to find that dog if you wanted to. There are full breed rescues if you want a full breed and they can also be found at the a.s.p.c.a.

A person can go to sites to look at different breeds and check out each personality, such as, but there are so many different dog breeds to look thru, a site like that would help in narrowing down what you want by you inputing your info would make it much easier and faster to make a choice.
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