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By showmethegadget
Install a second horn in cars. The original horn would be used for hazard warnings or to communicate anger or outrage. This would have a typically harsh sound. The second horn would be for thanking people, or saying goodbye when pulling away from friends. This horn would have a happier, more comic tone and be accordingly visually represented on the dashboard. A few road rage incidents may be avoided if drivers could differentiate more clearly between annoyance and gratefulness. A range of happy horn sounds could be offered by manufacturers.
By oztrader
Great idea..I think set of "Thank You" light with smiley face maybe more practical on road.. :-D
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By fullofideazmo
Been there and done that. I'm a geezer by most of ya'll's standards, but back in the late 70s early 80s had a nice '64 Dodge Dart, slant 6 indestructible little car, but folks just couldn't seem to *see* it - kept getting cut off, etc. Installed a compressed air powered big truck airhorn under the hood and linked to a toggle switch on the dash. Toggle off for regular, polite 'little' factory horn, toggle on for super whole-body-synapse-firing, a-freight-train-is-coming-down-on-you so-wake-up-right-now! blast instead. It really worked as a 'behavior modification' device -- woke up the gits that were asleep at the wheel or just plain careless, enough to stop them from whatever idiotic, dangerous thing they were doing. Wasn't legal, but it sure was fun! Any shade-tree mechanic could do it on older cars, don't know about newer, all-computer ones. You younger folks will have to address that issue.

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