The perfect place for ideas that are totally insane, making them far too hot to be thrown away.
By dan_bomb
This idea is brilliant! its a chair that has rockets attached. it would zoom to the printer to get your documents so quickly. companies would save so much money on employees wasting time to get up and walk to the printer like a chump.

scrap that, what about a rocket printer on a remote control system that could zoom around and drop off papers to peoples desks. then the employee would not have to move at all.
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By Steve
I think I've seen this one somewhere with the Darwin awards. :-B
By Apoc_Master
1. Never start out with "this is a brilliant idea". (A) it probably is not and (B) it will probably be the last thing you say before you get yourself killed.
2. Rockets make fire... 'nuff said but I'll continue for your benefit... Fire burns things, like say CARPET!
3. it was in the Darwin awards... volume two if i remember correctly.

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