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By fishingbradman
I am a guy who has spent way too much time watching my wife switch items from one purse to another so they match her outfit. My idea is a purse that is only the inside liner with all the pockets and zippers of a typical purse. There would be many different colors and patterns of outside purse covers that would exactly fit over the inside purse. The outside would have a zipper all the way around so that the inside zips onto the outside shell to keep them together. I know there are already some magnetized shells that work with this idea, but I have read the magnetic shells slip and fall off.

Reward: Free time not spent changing items in a purse.
By rachrob
I am a girl who HATES changing my purse everyday before I leave for work. So I don't - I usually carry the same bag for weeks or months until I am so sick of it. It is not as simple as changing my shoes. It becomes a project of what will I and what won't I need for the day.

So I LOVE your idea! I think it's brilliant. I especially love the idea of it being made up of pockets and zipper compartments. For me, the more organizing features in a bag, the better. If it is well made, and the interchangeable outsides are attractive. This is a winning idea!

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