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By kentsin
We manage parking slots in a first come first use policy. This idea change it to reserve and use.

Combine with network, the parking slots are allocated with reservation. This have many benefits:

1. No waste of time and gas.
2. You may always plan for a best route before.
3. No parking meters required. Just a networked reserved system.
4. Works well even on high demand situation, in a sport event, every body reserve their parking slots, and people can not reserve one have no hope.
5. Never forgot where you park your car

The key success of this scheme is police strictly and promptly remove cars that occupy un-reserved parking slot.

After the discipline develops, people will adapt to the new system.

When you want to go out, you may not have a specific destination, when you want to park into a slot, check it with your car computer or a mobile phone, if it is available then you reserve it and park, if it is not, you were suggest a secondary choice, then you may reserve and park.

When you reserve a parking slot, you enter the time you want it. You release the parking slot when you do not need it. You pay for the cost during. A monthly bill will sent to you and you pay it as your electrict bill.

In case of car parks with entry control, it can be issue a reservation on the spot. The reservation will allocated the nearest parking slot for you.
By robomatt1600
if you could combine live satellite images with software that detected open spaces, you could have a GPS unit direct you to an open space without reservations.

this way only the person who buys the equipment gets the benefit.

google earth iphone app?
i think this could be worth $50 in gas savings alone
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