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By gracken
Here is a quickie: asecond battery for laptops so one can switch main batteries without shutting down. Not very big, just one or two cells just enough for 3 to 5 minutes of power, with a condenser that you'd have to charge before I guess to get the proper voltage, probably be better for larger laptops the 17 inch ones.

Reward: a virgin sacrifice, hehe
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By Steve
Additional benefits:

- You could unplug the laptop from one socket, and then plug it in in a different room, without having to stress the main battery.
- You could survive a power outage and/or a situation where the power cord gets uplugged accidentially. Most people I know have the main battery in their laptops all the time, just to survive situations like this (which of course reduces their overall battery life). The backup laptop battery could just be powerful enough to detect the power outage, run a 30 second countdown and then shut down the system gracefully.
By greatjay
Am glad someone else brought this up. I posted this same idea a while back but my idea is more focused on having a series of at least 2 batteries that could power the gadget. So for example if one battery runs low the other can either charge up the low one or take over the power supply automatically. This way we wouldn't have to charge our gadgets every so often.
By alondran
What type of laptop computer would you recommend for a college student? This fall I'm majoring in Legal Assisting Technology, which requires the use of most Windows Office programs. One of my classes is an online course, thus I'm considering purchasing a laptop. Mac's are becoming increasingly popular but I will be using Windows programs. Is it possible to get Windows programs on a Mac? What laptop would you recommend?
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