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By gracken
How about mice with two optical sensors so that you clould rotate the mouse and it would rotate the cursor on the screen or the object you are dragging, might be fun for games too; probably would be better if you design the mouse to be round.

Reward: the nobel peace prize for stupid
By zorra77
Great idea but a problem I am thinking is that how can you restore the mouse after you rotate? (the buttons are not in their original place..)
By gracken
good question, well to tell you the truth, I hadn't thought of this, in my mind I sort had just pictured a sort of twisting motion where you twisted the mouse one way or another, for like driving in games and stuff

so i didn't really have spinning the whole mouse in mind, but if you wanted to pull that off you could always have the buttons on a shell and the part of the mouse that spins would be a hemisphere inside this hemispherical shell and so you would spin the bottom hemisphere with say your thumb through an exposed section, and the buttons, which you wouldn't spin would be on this shell, with the bottom spinning under this shell

the shell wouln't even have to be a full hemisphere, just like this bar that you hold length wise

not sure if you picture what I'm saying, man, I wish we could post pictures or cad files

but I mean, this seems kind of not...good, if you wanted to have the cursor spin all the way around you might as well put in a horizontal scroll wheel by the thumb and that's that

On the other hand you could always put rings on a whole hemispherical mouse, with the lower ring for the longer middle finger (which is the one I use for right clicking, I don't know about you) and the upper ring for the somewhat shorter index finger.

this might be somewhat uncomfortable since you index finger is not all that shorter than the middle, unless! once again you had the mouse in two parts, one that spins and the other that doesn't

it would be a truncated hemisphere and small hemisphere one on top of the other forming a whole hemisphere and so the top part, which once again would not spin, would ergonomically position the user's hand so that the middle finger is significantly lower than the index , there by it not being uncomfortable

I'm not sure if you understand what I mean by ergonomically positioning? it would like possibly tilt you hand slightly clockwise from your perspective, counterclockwise form some one in from of you or a mirror and so you would hold the mouse that way

going back to my original idea, if you wanted to spin something a full three sixty, you could always twist the mouse one way or another from a center position, and the computer would automatically continue spinning it in that direction, until you return the mouse to that center position, maybe even with acceleration, so that the farther you twist it form that center position the faster it spins, or maybe have a button, so that when you press down that button and you twist, it spins, but of course, the mouse would have to memorize it's movements so that it remembers this center position, and you'd probably need a reset button to set the center position, in case you change positions, say like you move in your chair or something,

but all this seems very iffy to me, like it would be uncomfortable, cause I mean, who wants to be stuck with this center position I was talking about? unless the computer automatically reset the center position, but even then...


hope this helps, or at least inspires some good idea.


ps. I could post some sketches of all of this on skydrive for you to download if you want
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