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By gracken
Nowadays laptop computer screens, even the ones intended for use in the office, are coming in widescreen. I think it would be useful if these screens could be tilted vertically like for editing text documents.

Widescreens come at a ratio of 16:9=1.77. A standard letter page is in a ratio of 11:8.5=1.29 so the length of a letter would fit nicely if put at the width of a page. Anyway, it's an idea.

Reward: just knowing that took the time thinking of me to look for something is enough
By gracken
Yeah, I guess you're right. But hey, I bet you haven't seen this on laptops yet, which is more of what I was going for. I mean those I had seen those long vertical screens on older machines but not tiltable ones and not on laptops.
By majenko
Stand your laptop on its end (like a book) and use an external keyboard and mouse. Job done. Next?
By Uniqly
It would be awesome if laptops had 2 screens. The first screen could function as is in most laptops today. If that isn't enough then you could fold the second screen up from behind the first so they stack vertically.

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