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By Michelle A. Green
Similar to a video camera tripod, the laptop tripod would be adjustable for sitting or standing positions. Ideal for salespersons who usually end up balancing their laptop computer on their lap or a corner of their client's desk. The tripod would fold up to the size of a collapsible umbrella.

Reward: Free laptop tripods.
By Tim Munsie
Would you mind if i tried to create somthing like this for a school project? I am a junor in high school, and for our science/physics project we are required to invent a new product. I was surfing for ideas and your's seemed to be the most promising... would you mind if i tried this? thank you and please respond
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By Steve
I'd say there's no problem. Basically, all Creativity Pool ideas are free to use, and it's only if you are (commercially) successful you are expected to reward the creator of the idea. After all, the main aim of the Creativity Pool is that ideas get realized, and "rewards" shouldn't be an obstacle in any way. But thanks for asking! If your project creates any kind of echo, please let me know, maybe it's worth posting on the site.
By Kaaren
I believe Levenger's catalogue (for writing tools) showed something of the sort. Don't have their number but you might want to call information, and ask for it. Wait, now I remember. Their computer table unfolded, was attached to a rolling suitcase for use in airports. They are such an inventive company, I'd suggest to them that they manufacture your idea( which is terrific).
By duh
take a TV tray with you to work.
By AHughes
This product already exists. Search "Laptop Tripod" in Google.
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