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By showmethegadget
Create a business which, for a small fee, will file a legally binding statement in which you waive your right to sue anybody for anything. You'll get a card saying something like: "I am my own person. I am responsible for my own actions. I will never blame another for my mistakes or for my misfortunes. I will not expect others to protect me from harm or from any kind of loss. I am my own person. I am <first name> "Danger" <last name>." The idea is that businesses could save themselves a great deal of worrying about stupid lawsuits, lawsuit insurance. A Danger person might be allowed to go to places where most regular shmucks are forbidden. Want to buy yourself some antibiotics, or some experimental drug that is not FDA approved? Go ahead. Want to swim in shark-infested waters? Ok. Want to jump off the Golden Gate bridge? No problem. Want to help your mechanic fix your car? Sure. Just show your card. And how about giving discounts to Danger people? Or "Danger-card-only" establishments? Businesses will save money by not having to pay outrageous sums in lawsuits to stupid people who think others own them something, so why not pass the savings on? Put some Danger in your life and some Danger in your middle name! Go get your "Danger" card today!
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By Steve
Very cool! :-D

In view of the recent stupid lawsuits against Phil Morris and Mc Donalds this is a splendid idea. Who knows, maybe you can sue the hospital where you were born for all the misery in your life. After all, if they hadn't been, you would have avoided all this, so they can't possibly deny full responsibility!

However, how unpleasant it may seem, it would be necessary to put strict limitations on the Danger Card. For example, one of the main reasons why you're not allowed to swim in shark infested waters is because society doesn't want to clean away the mess. If a shark tears you apart, society has the moral responsibility to stitch you together again. The Danger Card wouldn't protect you from being saved, so effectively society would have to pay the price for your Danger Card, proving your calculations somewhat wrong.

Danger Card establishments would essentially erode all consumers rights. Once the whole system starts to tilt and a couple of big companies get together, everybody would be "forced" to abandon all personal rights or stay out of public life (or at least most of it). Not a good development either, the Danger Card should stay completely voluntary. Last but not least, the Danger Card should be limited to areas where the risks are widely known and can be assessed. Using your Danger Card on an airline that secretly prefers to save money on repairs so their pilots can get free whisky would be pretty stupid, for instance.

At second thought, there are actually pretty few areas where the risk is really well known and easily assessible. Cigarettes and Hamburgers are the only two I can think of right now, but that might not be enough to create the Danger Card craze we are all hoping for... ;-)
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By Michael D. Grissom
Not too long ago in Philidelphia, a completely empty city bus that had just been serviced, backed out of the garage and was struck in the rear by a small car. Fifteen people sued for whip-lash. There are SO many true stories like this that books have been written documenting the best of them. I think you're definately on the right track with your "Danger" card -- only need to iron out a few bugs.

Personally, I'd like to see all criminal sentencing multiplied by a factor of 20 to keep the bad guys out of circulation for very long periods of time. But then, I'm a STRIKE ONE and you're OUT kinda guy who beleives, for example, that all motorcycles should come equipped with dual 50mm anti-aircraft cannons on the handle bars.

I'll volunteer to sign up for the first DANGER CARD available.
By will
Actually, if you swim in shark-infested waters, it'll probably be the sharks that clean away the the mess.
By Rishi
Is not redressal for wrong a fundamental right? No democracy in the world may be able to enact a statute to make 'Danger Card' legal. Did not Steve himself suggest a (Somewhat opposite kind of) card to warn shoddy product companies about diddling the card carrier?

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By Steve
To me, this idea has a main core: especially in the so-called "Western" world, we are facing an environment that is increasingly overregulated. There are sooo many things that were allowed to our parents, which are now forbidden. May I cite from a US Dr. Pepper bottle (I saved that one from my last trip): "WARNING! CONTENTS UNDER PRESSURE. CAP MAY BLOW OFF CAUSING EYE OR OTHER SERIOUS INJURY. POINT AWAY FROM FACE AND PEOPLE. ESPECIALLY WHILE OPENING." - So is drinking Dr. Pepper the only dangerous adventure that is left in our modern society? Geeez...

You may know that if parents that have small children and clean the whole place with desinfectant every day, they are not doing their kids a favor - the children don't get a chance to build a working immune system and stay vulnerable for the rest of their lives. Imho, a society that tries to protect their citiziens from virtually anything may be guilty of the same mistake. (Just compare the feeling you have after a day in the office with the endorphine running through your veins after a day of mountain biking, rock climbing or river rafting. Deep down, we are animals after all!) And yes, probably this isn't the life dream of the legislators, I would assume it is the result of pressure from the insurance companies an the courts. So while the permission to swim in shark infested waters may not be the ultimate goal (I believe that was meant ironically anyway), I do believe we're on a right track to think about how adult people can regain control over certain risks we choose to take in our lives, before the last (physical) excitement has been flushed down the legal drain. ;-)
By Rishi
"I do believe we're on a right track to think about how adult people can regain control over certain risks we choose to take in our lives, before the last (physical) excitement has been flushed down the legal drain. "

I completely agree about that. It is that there is so little of that kind of control in India that our perception of the life in the west tends to be different.

On the other hand, things like unrestricted sale of drugs banned in the west, exploitation of child labour, and discrimination in pay on the basis of sex or certain issues that should perhaps be rightfully regulated.

Probably I will give a conditional 'yes' to the 'Danger Card'.


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