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By zyx Rationalist
Version 1:
There should be voice recorder in it, in which we (or our family members) will record a message before going to sleep of to why we were supposed to wake up at that time. It is required because I often decide to wake up in the morning to do something but it doesn’t strike me as I switch alarm off and go back to the sweet sleep which has an amazing command over my thoughts and action at that time.

Version 2:
How about having a water ( or a substitute ) spray which will fire at our face from all sides just after 5 minutes of alarm ringing, I bet that the memory of getting wet will hit our subconscious mind (just as it does at time of a calamity of the dangers) and we would be wide awake.

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By jackjohnson
I would appreciate an invention that would allow me to never have to sleep. ;)

I could do so much more....
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By Lukasz
Interesting how your Version 1 sounds very similar to what I wrote couple of weeks ago. "even option of recording it yourself" in point #4.
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By Steve
Lukasz, I hesitated a bit before posting this one, but then I thought it's more or less new - since a reminder message for yourself isn't quite the same as a programmable sound. If you say it's basically what you had mind, I will ask yzx to post part I as a comment to your idea and reduce this one to part II. Let me know.
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By Lukasz
Actually I was thinking that voice recording would be an option, and it would be an investor's choice to make it a standard or an extra feature. But you are right, I was not to clear about it.
No harm done. No hard feelings right zyx Rationalist? ;-D
"Let the force be with you."
By sandlizzard
I like that idea ( version 1 )

Write that down !!!
Rolling up pant leg. ( out of space on arms )

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I don't know how many times I have killed the alarm just to remember in a panic I wanted or needed to do something. As for the version 2 I don't like it, I might wake up swinging (I'm not a morning person :-# )
By XP121
That is a nice idea but there is a alarm clock like that.
Visit South Korea!
They have everything. :-D
By ReligionY
In 7th grade, I had this idea for an alarm clock that was specially set to your personal ear drum frequency to render you unconscious instantly, and then wake you up in a similar fashion. Years later, I find this to be nearly impossible, incredibly expensive if possible, and extremely dangerous in the event of a malfunction.

Ah, what a trip down memory lane...
If you have a good phone you can already do this. check out the new phones :*)
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