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By zyx Rationalist
Government should tax all the food sold according to the calories they poses. The greater the fattening contents higher should be the taxes. If this sounds too far fetched then the same money can be used as subsidy to reduce the cost of healthy food products.

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By Steve
This might work for Beverly Hills, but in a poor society where parents scramble to give their children enough to eat it would be rather cynical. 8-o
By zyx Rationalist
No they wont scramble because they will get healthiest food products the cheapest ( subsidized ).
By pooface228
Great Idea. There are way to many fat people out there. It makes me wonder if this idea was implemented, then would you look at a fat person and see a rich person.
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By Michael D. Grissom
Someone actually proposed this on a TV talk show about a month ago. I don't know about other countries but, in the US you can claim full disability by being too fat to work. Too often I see these REALLY heavy people in line at the grocery store with a shopping cart filled with cakes, Twinkies, Ho-Ho's, potato chips, ice-cream, hot dogs, and a myriad of other high-fat junk foods -- all paid for with their disability "Food Stamps" which tax payers pay for. There really DOES need to be a solution for this problem.

Remember, fat has more than twice the calories of any other food:

A small Danish can contain more calories than a plateful of baked beans on toast.
A tablespoon of mayonnaise contains more calories than a slice of whole meal bread and jelly (jam).
A small scoop of luxury ice-cream can contain more calories than a big bowl of cereal.

They recently more than doubled the price of cigarettes in some parts of the US by adding taxes to them. Now they are proposing to rate all foods by fat content and nutrition and tax accordingly to penalize the bad stuff. Healthy non-fat foods (high rating) are subsidized in part with the taxes obtained from the exorbitant taxes on the foods with a very low rating.

Remember when some of us thought they could never force us to buy seat-belts for our cars and never EVER an expensive air-bag system. I wonder what's next...
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By Steve
I agree with Stig - while obesity is obviously a problem for some people, I doubt that everybody should be punished by changing the prices to a system that doesn't make sense to "normal" folkswith "normal" eating patterns. E.g. why should a disgusting, degenerated cup of no-fat yoghurt (yuck!) be cheaper than the regular, creamy and healthy yoghurt with the natural amount of fat?

I would also assume that artificially changing the prices to something completely detached to the true production costs would quickly bring us back to the good old days of prohibition - black markets for fat and oil, secret basements where you can indulge in regular ice cream and drink normal Pepsi which would otherwise be extremely expensive, and so on. However, it might make the habit of eating too much become more exciting! :-D
Please do not give the gov't any more ideas on taxes, fees, duties, tarriffs, etc. They have enough of their own, most of which are/were supposed to be temporary and for a specific purpose Income tax for example. :-{

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