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By envention man
My idea is to have a snowboard slash mountain skateboard with big wheels and make it so you can be going down a snowy hill then on the board theres a button so as you go down on snow if theres a road or dirt, or rocks press the button then BOOM wheels pop out then you can press it again and it back to a snowboard.

Reward: get one free and you get credit
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By Steve
The idea has its merits, but a couple of problems need to be addressed. The biggest I guess is that you can jump off a skateboard for a reason - being fastened to a wheeled skateboard of this size and then falling on concrete instead of snow could do a LOT of damage to your body. :o Another challenge is to ensure that the wheels don't come out when you're still in the midst of that snowy hill (that could easily break your legs as well).

How about an invention to overcome those flat passages that you can find in any ski resort where snowboarders usuall have to unmount and walk? I'm thinking of something where an up and down movement is converted into a forward impulse. Technically you can already get ahead with any snowboard by making small jumps, but without aide that's not very economical. :>
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