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By Gill Bates
How about opening the big holidays for sponsorship? (After all, every event has a sponsor these days!) "Independence Day" would then be called "Microsoft Day", "Thanksgiving" could be named "Wal-Mart Holidays", and so on. The holidays would be auctioned once a year and given to the company paying most. The money from the auction could then be used for something special like buying school books, feeding the poor or building social housing.

Reward: Keep this a welfare idea, and don't use the money for crap like highways or armed satellites.
By R. Lloyd Nelson
Gill Bates? You've got to be kidding! How about getting Boise Cascade to sponser Arbor Day?
By Takoma Park
Just because they're turkeys doesn't mean Wal-Mart should get Thanksgiving...
By God
Thou shalt not useth bill gates name in vain, or at all. Microsofteth is of satan and shalt be wipeth out.
By Neve Bobs
Great idea Gill!
I want Santa Clause.
By Guest
:-B :-B :-B :-B :-B :-B :-B :-B :-B
By tulrain
I think a mentally retarted child could have had better success with this idea.
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By Steve
tulrain wrote:I think a mentally retarted child could have had better success with this idea.

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By Greenearthman
I Think its a grand idea, ive had a few how to help corporations, but i did not unleash them upon the world for a few reasons.

1-I dont want to live in a world full of ad's, corporate holidays, every nike, microsoft, apple logo on every building, tv, piece of clothing, smearing their logo *beep* all over the place.
2-Corporations make enough $$$ as it is, they dont need help, small business do, and these bid for holiday ideas dont help anyone but steve jobs and bill gates, i am not anti bill gates, i admire him but dont need national microsoft day! its rather disgusting.
3-I like nature and dont want to be hiking, and see signs "this park brought to you be google", etc.Please keep helping ad ideas away from the US, i dont want to live in a huge mall like world. Am i the only one who feels this way?

Im for ads, ive worked for ad agencys and have nothing against corporations but theres gotta be a limit and corporate holidays are crossing it.
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