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By Michael Reese
My idea for state and federal air quality bureaus to get better control of the air quality in their locales would be an engine and transmission replacement program for older vehicles. Many of these vehicles are owned by low and middle income drivers, who cannot afford newer and less polluting autos; replacing the engines of these autos would be an economical way to keep air quality from deteriorating. One suggestion is to provide a certain percentage to car owners, such as 75% of the costs to replace these parts with rebuilt ones, if their vehicles have not passed state air tests.

Reward: Not having to go into the whole for a new car, and cleaner air.
I think it is a pretty good idea. It's better that the current solution of going to an emissions facility, waiting in line (dumping who knows how much more pollution into the air) until some peson who could care less about the environment spends 5 min. I'm sure their not over paid. !+)
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By Michael D. Grissom
In North Carolina, if it doesn't pass the emmissions test it's because something is malfunctioning and, if the part is no longer available, the state department responsible for the tests either must find the part for you or, if they can't, pass you anyway.

I think SUV's and the like are far more responsible for air pollution that the far fewer older cars that remain in service. New engines would only make them slightly cleaner. I have a 1977 Cougar 351M/400 V8 and everytime I have it inspected, they recalibrate the machine several times because they just can't believe how clean the emmissions are.
Also, middle/lower class people can't afford to drive all the miles that SUV owners do (vacations etc.) so, I think you might have the problem reversed.

What we need to solve the problem on all cars is a totally ceramic engine or turbine with direct top dead center fuel injection (for the internal combustion engine). There would be NO radiator or cooling of any kind and the engines would run almost white hot inside. Then possibly add water vapor to the air intake. Ceramic technology isn't good enough for this yet but their getting closer all the time.
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By Michael D. Grissom
I clicked on and read that URL article posted above which stated:

"A computer is also added to maintain an ideal exhaust gas mixture so the catalytic converter operates efficiently."

The only way I know of to control "exhaust gas mixture" that accurately is by controlling intake fuel/air mixture which was not mentioned in the article. If you have a carburetor like my 77 Cougar (USA Ford), the conversion to fuel injection plus this special computer would cost almost twice as much as the car is worth. Also, to convert a Ford product to fuel injection is still an expensive custom job unlike Chevy, for example, where relatively inexpensive conversions are available everywhere.

Sometimes I think we intentionally look over the top of millions of gas guzzling SUV's just to target a few bicycle riders who've been eating beans.
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By FlatTop808
That link was just to show that someone was already thinking along the lines of Reese's original post. I personally do not think that engine replacement is a viable solution (who's going to pay for all those engines?) but if Reese wants to look into it some more, here's a start.
I agree that the only way to make a '77 Cougar as clean as a new car is to give it new fuel/engine management technology, but that kind of defeats the purpose of having a '77 Cougar in the first place. There is nothing wrong with well maintained vintage iron on the roads.
The problem I see with all the SUV's is that people use a two ton vehicle to drive by themseslves. Silly, wasteful. Get a scooter.
By Daryl666
I quite agree with the big SUV's being the problem. A small woman that lives around my area driving her kids to school and picking up the families groceries is the biggest load she moves at any given time. SHE DOES NOT NEED TO DO IT IN A HUMMER!

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