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By showmethegadget
Introduce parking meters either on public roads or in car parks that can be accessed remotely by telephone. Each space would have its own pin number allowing the owner of vehicle the opportunity to top up their allocated time by credit card payment without returning to the vehicle.
By Tommahawk
Although I hate parking meters and that is not an imature attitude. I see parking police, drilling thousands out of people each day. I don't drive to uni anymore, but I see them everyday.

I know that mobile phones are now coming out with infrared allowing you to pay at mcdonalds and other places automatically which is a real time saver. There's BPay and other online services. In the future the technology will be expanded to probably allow you to do that.

But don't let me stop you writing letters to whom it may concern.
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By Lukasz
Actually, this is a new concept that is being tested in Europe now. They do not use IR, but SMS (short message system) or Text MSG. This is being used to pay for a bus, some different types of websites, parking etc. I believe that parking is a new use for SMS (text msg) technology. It really cool to see Europe being creative. I wish they had this in US at least I would have a chance to test it.

However, the idea with IR could be even better and faster!

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By Michael D. Grissom
If the purpose of a parking meter is to keep any one car from taking up that space beyond a short period of time (to allow access by many more people) then why would anyone allow you to extend the meter time remotely?

Case in point:
There was a homeless guy here in Raleigh that started a business dropping money in occupants parking meters just before they expired and leaving envelopes on their windshield stating that he had just saved them $25 and all he ask for in return was the 25 cents he put in the meter plus any gratuity they felt appropriate. WHAT A GREAT IDEA! He really raked in the cash up until they took him to court and raked HIM over the coals.

How DARE those homeless bums try to work their way out of a hole by making an honest buck helping people!!! Shame on them! It's darn a good thing we had our tax paid lawyers to kick them back into the streets where they belong!

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