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By sebmerge
Forgive me if this is waffle but this idea came into my head so clearly the other night that I had to put it out there. I propose an extrusion process for data cable using an alloy of copper, gold and something like hematite or other semiconductor.

The alloy is extruded as a cable through a die with an array of point sources for sound around its circumference this array is tuned to create a standing wave within it. Similar to the waves created by Alexander Lauterwasser.

The goal is to create a standing wave within the liquid metal. A circular matrix of nodes whose concentric rings become increasingly dense in number. Perhaps each concentric ring is in harmonic proportion to the next ring. By this I mean conforming to something like the fibonacci sequence for example where at the core you might have 3 nodes then around them a ring of 5 then 8, 13, 21, 33 ...etc.

My hypothesis (this would need to be tested obviously) is that the liquid alloy would form an imprint of the standing wave on it's sectional structure which would remain as it hardened thereby creating a cable with clearly defined sectors of higher and lower conductivity. I thought this could be used as a kind of intelligent data cable whereby a signal could be sent using specific segments of the section of the cable.

Reward: A little credit would be nice, otherwise just feedback.
By greenapple
Hello there,
I found this site because I have been pestered about a dream I had last week... I found your post immediately and I am going to run this past you.
You said your idea "came clearly to you the other night"? was yours a dream too?
Anyway, what you have explained appears to be the actually science behind the concept of a power source described to me in detail in a lucid dream. "He" referred to it as interlocking harmonics.
It is complicated yet simple at the same time.
It would be time consuming to go into it at this hour its after 2am. If you are interested and or this sparks something for you and you want to hear more - ask and I will paste some notes together.
Respond if interested.

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