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By test
Alright, this is my greatest idea of all time. But I'm too busy to do it now, so maybe someone will do this and make the world a better place.

How about a shower head that monitors the temperature and adjusts the hot and cold based on it. Imagine jumping into a shower with your favorite temp accurately pre-set. And if some dude down the hall flushes the john you don't get frozen.

Reward: a bottle of scotch and a pizza
By Tommahawk
I had the same idea once. The only drawback was electricity and water do not mix but these are minor problems and can be resolved.
with sealing and proofing the electrical circuitry and installing saftety switches just to be sure.

Programming your shower is really a great idea, sounds a little rich though.

You could have your favourite presets and switch from a cold shower to a hot shower depending on how you are feeling, you could also preset it to start a certain time, e.g alarm clock sounds off at 7 shower start automatically at 7.05.

Top idea, that's a credit ;-D
By omnilight
These have been invened years ago, and are produced by a bunch of different companies. They are pricey though. just do a web search and see.
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By CycoMage
Years ago I had to use a system like this. The temp. had to be set from outside of the shower, so was difficult to adjust (get it right the first time!), especially in a co-ed environment. It was not programmable, per-se, but held a good 102 steady for me. Then I escaped from psychiatric intensive-care. %-6
By ActorLawyer19
Everybody has had this idea.
Including me.

What if you could enter in your desired temperature and a 'ding' sound would go off to tell you your temperature is ready?

What if you could set the pressure too?

What if you could set the temperature and the pressure and the shower had a 4- buttom memory like the radio in your car that allows you to hit a button and it goes to your station.


There is a plastic box with a small screen mounted outside your shower door.
You touch one button.
You have your preset temperature and preset pressure set from memory for that button.
This gives you time to get naked.
When the water had reached the desired temperature, a 'ding' goes off.
You get in the shower, and press another button.
Your shower comes on at your favorite temperature and your favorite pressure.

You can raise or lower the temperature by pressing an 'up' or 'down' button.
You can raise or lower the pressure by pressing an 'up' or 'down' button.

Why hasn't anyone put this idea to use?
By lowdncleer
I know, I've pictured the same thing. I think the problem lies in the fact it would control hot and cold water valves digitally. I don't think that's possible yet. New valves (and possibly new pipes) would have to be installed to accomodate being controlled linearly with a motor.

I don't know, just what I think. It would be nice to have something like this and I'm surprised it's not more widespread, but I think there is a lot more involved with making it happen.
By slim3434
I had thought of this idea months back and just thought to look it up. The only site I found was a place in New Zealand, and they actually supply instant hot water, but I don't think you can get it out of the country. ... Models.asp

One of the biggest issues is the combination of the water pressure and proportion of cold to hot water. One of my biggest pet peeves is when a toilet is flushed. Therefore, idealy the digital shower should have sensors installed farther down the pipes to anticipate how to adjust the temperature settings. The sensors would have to be able to gradually adjust the temperature after it recognizes the change. Anyways, that's my two cents, but I did find some things similar.
By Rishi
Water proof keypads running off a six volt cell, micro-processors, Pressure and temperature sensors, and motorised valves are all available. The technology is quite commonly used in the chemical process industry. The only reason why we do not have a product on the consumer market is the high present cost of such a system.

Already products are being researched in the appliance field. They may hit the market sooner than later.

By Newgadget
You are going to love this! There is a device call Shower Alert, that not only displays your shower temperature but tells you when your shower is ready. In other words, it notifies you when the water temperature reaches your desired temperature. Even Star Trek never had it this good. I owned two units, and they’re worth every penny. My family and I fell in love with it on the very first day. Be careful, when you travel you’re really going to miss your Shower Alert. See it at
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