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By ReligionY
Can someone do me a favor and develop a discman with a stronger exterior or some sort of reinforcement casing for discmen to greatly reduce the damage done to discmen when dropped or crushed?

I go through a discman about every one and a half months because they simply fall apart under pressure due to usage. I'm not talking about skip protection, I'm talking about the top physically detatching itself from the bottom and damaging connections.

If such a thing exists, please notify me.

Reward: The purchase of your product by thousands of individuals.
By Tommahawk
I'll tell about a product, the next generation of walk/discmans. The product is available in stores now. It is probably called mp3man.
It allows you to upload about 1500 songs to it from your computer, so there is still enough space for that extra song. No disks or tape wear and tear. It does not skip. And another good thing about it is that it is really small. Discmen are large but these are small so you could get a protective case and it'll fit in a shirt pocket. Also no need to fiddle with it you can get controls that are on the headphones which results in much less wear and tear.
try these searches,
Creative Nomad Portable MP3 Player. 6GB HD (1500 songs).
Rio 500 (smaller) ... =95&cat=33
Next gen MP3Men,
By mtd28student
You could try a minidisc player. sony brings out a rugged type one i think it is the mz s1. I am pretty hard on stuff and i managed to keep my old md alive for over two years.
By tdayal
They do have reinforced cd players. Each company makes them. look for sports models.
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