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By fuzzy3d
I am doing a research on associations between sound and imagery and thinking of doing a painting that changes its graphic/image/collage according to music that it is introduced to. Not to be confused with sonique visualisations, this product will react fairly accurately and logical, according to synaesthetic-based researches and associations. Would you buy this idea/painting? Would love to see one in my living room

Reward: Some kind-souled company please provide the technical expertise to realise my idea pls...
By Tommahawk
You must mean a digital painting. Like a liquid crystal display. Which is about 4 mm thick and able to be put on your wall like an oil painting and is programmed to visually display reations to music. A little similar to those statues that shake when they here music.

The best I can do is this.

You would need the LCD screen a new 15" screen will cost about 500 to 600 dollars, although they are getting cheaper. You would also need a microphone to detect sound. Then you would need all kinds of circuitry to store the paintings instructions.

If I understand you idea, it's a very expensive novelty gift and I could not build the circuitry for it anyway too complicated.

By it425
I can Create Similar to that but I shall take to much time to review.thats why next time you must able to see it on TV.
By MattyKrab
I like the idea! I can't imagine how any bit of software could differentiate between different types of music being played. Maybe if it was all tied together....i.e. for each song or cd that you select to play on your home stereo, the digital painting would change based on selected presets that you've chosen beforehand for the particular song. It probably wouldn't be TOO difficult if it was all computer controlled, but a little programming would definitely have to be done. Is that sort of the idea you had?
By Talan
i had a classmate once for thesis class who was able to create a link (theoretically speaking) between music and painting (a static painting). she simply emphasized the visual element of rhythm in her work.
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