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By YukonSwoop
Every house has a fridge and a freezer and alot have air conditioners which are all basic heat exchangers (warm to cold or freezing) well there are now heat exchangers for heating homes (cold to warm) usually in-floor heating as well as hot water tanks, well I was thinking that a house should be built so that all forms of heat exchange are intergrated into one system

Reward: far less energy to run a house
By Tommahawk
Or you could make a fridge which doubles as an air conditioner or has the capcity to. Like LG's fridge with internet.

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By FlatTop808
Since all of the things you mentioned have different demands at different times, do you mean one system that is continually exchanging heat and storing the products (heat and cold) to be used on demand? Finding an efficient way to store them might be the biggest problem. Solve that and its just a matter of moving the appropriate temerature to the right place at the right time.
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