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By janet
Is preparing for a perfect date with your love one a problem?
...Not anymore!

Through the use of your PC, just specify the mood you want for the date & specify the foods you would love to eat with your love one. Having specified all of these, the computer will provide you what you want & would help you create & make your date romantically perfect!
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By test
don't stop just there ...

Imagine how hot the chick would get if you told her that you used a computer program, that you paid money for, and have calculated the probably for consensual sexual intercourse at 83.5%.

She would probably do you right on the spot. Even if was in the middle of radio shack. solid. ;-D
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By Steve
What's this? My electronic sarcasm detection device starts flashing and honking the closer I get to this thread! :-D
By Llewella
well said, test!

i would go crazy for such a guy - 'cause there are still no robots to date! i can hardly wait the future, computer programs for creating dating atmosphere are just what we all need. but why bother - we can go for arranged marriages again and avoid all the trouble!
By jacobpatrick
maybe this would work better as a classified directory and not a dating service
it could be the next yellow pages but for places to eat and things to do.
By sarahtia
I don't understand. The computer is going to order your food? And how is it supposed to specify the mood? Personally, I think we're relying to much on computers. We have to save what's left of our human dignity before we surrender to the machines. If you don't know what mood to cast over your date, then you're in some serious trouble. 8-o
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By Michael D. Grissom
Cut to the chase ok! Put both the girls computer and the guys computer in the back seat of the car and leave them alone! Hopefully when you return there will be a gazillion little ipods. :-P
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