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By Tobias Micke
The problem is old and unsolved: You're going to the beach with your kids. The sun is blazing and before you can say "sh..!" your darlings have a sunburn. First, because you are busy with unpacking. Second, because you are staring at the handsome/cute bay watchers. Third, because you simply forgot the sunscreen-bottle/your responsibilities.

The solution: The automatic sun screener. A walk-in-machine with six to eight showerheads from toe to temples. You sacrifice a coin into a slot. Choose the sunscreen you prefer, put on a shower cap, close your eyes before the beep and - voila - get sprayed in less than three seconds. A short blow-dry session will clean off the remaining sunscreen. And you're ready for a cunning day at the beach.

Reward: Free lifetime use.
By Lucy
Get yee to Australia and you wont even need to part with the coinage of the realm.

It it commonplace on Australian beaches to have devices like your garden sprayers, but filled with sunscreen. You just turn on and spray it all over. Kids love it too !

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