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By sun427
Why can't they have a movie theater with recliners, couches, sofas, or beanbags. I could have watched Titanic another couple times if I didn't have to sit in an uncomfortable chair for three hours. I would pay the extra dollars for the comfort. Maybe we could even see a key-pad to order your fav movie snack and it be brought to you so you dont even have to get up and miss something.

Reward: A couple free tickets for me and my sweetheart
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By Michael D. Grissom
In Raleigh, NC there is a place called RaleighWood (like Hollywood) which is just that kind of place. They also serve beer, wine, etc. and fine foods. I think (guessing) most large cities have these types of theaters. It's the only place I'll go to see a movie these days.

BTW,... USAir has a special roundtrip from anywhere to Raleigh for $235 and INCLUDES a gun and parachute.
By sun427
Im about 2 1/2 hours from there I may make the trip to check it out. Thanks
By Captain_Clean
I guess you guys should come to live in Europe, maybe Brussels.
We have a cinema here that's called Kinepolis, with comfty couches, and sweet popcorn... i still wonder how you can eat that salty one...
By celeronmx
That would be good, living here in Oregon, I dont know of any theatres like that. I bet you could only fit about 50 of these people in a screen. But it is a good idea, the key pad's would keep the little teenage punks at the popcorn stands busy, but I would hate to have to clean nasty popcorn from the fart filled seats of the recliners. I give it 105 degrees.
By Daryl666
where i am The larger theaters have at least 1 screen that has the lower part of the theatre nearest the screen just packed loosely with bean bag chairs.
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