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I have a good idea, bring out a software version wich allows you to make your games at home. So if you have enemies you can take a picture of them scan it into your computer add features to them. Then make a fighting game put them in it and yourself, then you can attack them in your own made games.

Or make your own platform game something like tomb raider, instead of lara croft runnig around with the guns we can have jenna jameson or any of your favorite models running around with their big guns solving puzzles.

Reward: one of these games please.
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By Steve
Jenna Jameson isn't exactly a model! - Erm, well, so I've heard... O:-)
By abarthbrava
It depends how easy you want to be able to make the games and how much control you want of the outcome of the final game but im afraid people have already had this idea. :,-(
The following software allow home users to make their own games:

Klik and Play: Easy to use but only allows simple game creation.

Games Factory: basically Klik and Play 2, a bit better but still only simple games can be created, im talking game boy style games.

If you want full 3d action games or something like that you want to get your self DarkBasic, there is a free version available downloadable off the internet (click here to go to the website!) however this is a programming language but it is simple to learn and there are many tutorials online. This software is completely customisable and you are only limited by your imagination and time!

So get those pornstars shooting.........erm, that possibly sounds dodgy but u know what i mean ;-)
By Roychaser
I think it's a good idea. I've always wanted to create games.
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By Michael D. Grissom
MAC <--- PLEASE program Jenna to attack me in a dark alley. In return I will gladly evaluate her 'vulnerability'. :-P

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