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By Parthasaradhi
The present hands-free cables using for mobile phones may became twists on usage. Like head phones to walk-man. Everytime we need to unwind the twists. For this, if we can have built-in hands free in a circular box, which will be like measuring tapes (winds internally in a circular box). One side, the jack could be kept outside which plugs into the cell and the other side speakers. This compact like hands-free box could have facility to attach with mobile phone hand set or could carry separatly. This box should be such a less in weight, which could be buttoned to shirt like the present hand-free cable.

Reward: Who ever wish to utilize this idea, if they can give the name of this product with my name, "Parthasaradhi" thats enough as reward for me.
By mtd28student
it's called bluetooth :)
By xanado
mtd28student is right, bluetooth technology did away with wires but even before that, I had Sony Walkman when I was a child (at least 12 years ago) which had the system you suggest.
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