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By jp
Generally we park our car and lock it through our remote electronic locking device. When you leave the parking place on your work, you some times wonder whether you locked your car or not. There is no way to know unless you walk to the car and lock/unlock it once again.

My suggestion is the remote key should have two LED's of color red/green. When the car is locked, green LED should glow and vice versa. Thereby we can know whether car is securely locked or not just by looking at the key. This does not involve much technology, as LEDs can be lighted through potential free contacts by using power of key battery.
By Sea Bass
I think this is a great idea myself. I am one of those guys that always second guesses himself on wether or not I remembered to lock my car. This would help Incredibly. And youre right. It wouldnt be that hard. It would only invole a transmitter and some sort of receiver in the key.
By smarty
Nowadays we have so many remote controls with LED's. I have one that has two buttons, 1 for locking & 1 for unlocking. If you're not sure if you locked your car you hit the lock buttons and it'll signal by flashing the hazards 2 times with a double squeak. If you hit the unlock button it'll flash once with a single squeak. Cars's like Mercedes even close windows, sunroof, switch off radio and lights at just a button press from a distance.
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By CodeThumper
This is a really good idea. I usally wait for my horn to give me feedback. So this could reduce noise polution also.
By glennmccartney
good idea ,
the only problem i can see is that the the remote key must include a reciever part so that the car can confirm it is un(locked) , we all know there are some times the car is too far away to pick up the signal so it would be wrong for the remote key to assume the car is locked just because it has sent a signal.

Also if there is more than one remote key per car , there must be some way for these keys to tell eachother the current status of the car.
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By cynet
Good Idea, a little two late. Been Invented with frils.
Watch Tech TV.
The one I saw had a led readout. Not only did it inform you if a door was unlocked but If someone broke into the car.
The LED display had a outline of the car and indicated what part of the car had been opened. Door, or trunk.
Sory don't remember the price. Maybe they will come out with a scaled down version. :-D
By sk8mad85
my new 05 corvette has this, except it is not in the key, its the pad that you lock and unlock the car with. when you walk away, 30 ft away or something, it automatically locks as long as you didnt leave the pad in the car. also the key is not needed, as long as the key is in the car, the car starts at the push of a button.
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By kawola17
Hmm..interesting idea. But like some people mentioned, I do just click twice to hear the horn which ensures I locked it. And some cars automatically lock after awhile.

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