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By Tommahawk
This may sound strange, but is there a way that allows two or more PC's to be connected together directly from motherboard to motherboard to combine all resources. You could wire all the busses together via an extrenal cable and treat your total resources as one, and you could use only one power supply to fuel the entire network.
By kraugie
there is not currently a way to do that, but it would be nice
By sneezyalex
It is possible. I have seen things like that. ;-D
By Toshibi
This is implemented rather easily in Linux. Using something like OpenMosix you can create something called a Beowulf Cluster.
By InventR
Does'n't that make it one bigger, slower computer?

I have heard of companies like which connect resources from home computers to form a grid. Home users can also donate computing power from their computer to be used by charity organizations when they are not using it.
By Toshibi
No, it doesn't make it slower. People like WETA, NASA, etc. all use this clustering. It's called HPC (High Performance Computing) in which a task is parallelized and ran over multiple processors or computers. This is how a supercomputer works. Massive parallelism.
By =Digger=
Stanford University uses a program called Folding @ Home to utilize "Distributed Computing Results" to process huge amounts of information on research. But I think what was asked here was could you tie physical resources together...this would work, but only up to the physical "output" limits of the original power supply. "stacking" is usually done in a rack or cabinet.
By kilp
How about a solar powered mobile home that runs off of sun and water only? Can this be made? I saw a solar powered car on a website that goes 25mph top speed for 12miles. I also saw a car that runs off of water. I think if you put the 2 together, you'll have a free energy powered vehicle. Any ideas?

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