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By Sea Bass
You just finish your dirty business in the bathroom. Imagine if the toilet seat then thanked you. The toilet would have a built in speaker at the base and many pre-recorded messages such as. "Thank you have a nice day" or "have you been working out" or "I really enjoy the time we spend together". I think it would really give people a pick me up.

Reward: Puts a smile on your face
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By Steve
For some reason I read "puts a smile on your faeces"... :-D Seriously, I like this idea, it could have several settings reacting to sounds or other types of input, and make either casual remarks, provide you with a medical analysis of your last meal or simply compliment you with a male/female voice on what a nice behind you have. ;-)
By Sea Bass
I'm Sure We Could Even Cut Some Celebrity Deals. Watch Out For That Simon Cowell Seat Tho :-D
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By Michael D. Grissom
In a round robin of most of the idea/invention sites I found toilet seats that glow in the dark, eliminate odor, self clean, self raise, self sanitize, self heat, message, change color, display moods, count uses, double as solar powered fish aquariums, have psychadelic light shows, play music, have vandalism/fire alarms, and dispense their own toilet paper, sanitary sheets, biodegrading septic compounds, and scent. Now you've added a talking toilet seat that'll do all those things mentiond above.

If you were to add most of these to what's already the most comfortable and solitary seat in the house, They'd have to drag me kicking & screaming off the pot.

I want a Don Rickles version with programmable sarcasm.
By Bluecube
Toilet seat should have liquid detector built in. If the person opened the stall door without wiping up their mess, the toilet would YELL at the person! CLEAN THE TOILET SEAT!

By lamine
Ah the future of bathrooms! Ever since I saw Sylvester Stallone in that movie (where he's a defrosted cop in the future and A. Schwarzeneger is the US president) use those futuristic looz I have always wondered what will the future bathroom be like?

It would be nice to have a toilet seat with an inbuilt speaker like that. But I would also add to it a radio receiver so that whenever a person sits on it, it would play your favorite music, radio channel or update you on the latest news of your choice.

Problem is as BlueCube points out, people would probably never leave them... so even if they're built, few people would see them at work.

Good thing is Arnie seems to be on his way to run for California governor, so we might see them in 15 years time?

I'll be back... :-D
By fiabelle
Your idea is funny, but what about deaf people? I am deaf myself and I often see things that are meant for hearing people..Radios, telephones, cd players, etc..

Maybe you could have a hologram thingy that have sub titles?

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By Michael D. Grissom
faibelle<---- Have you ever tried the "Bone Fone" that was invented in the late70's. If so, how well did it work for you? I've always been curious about that product.

For those that don't know... it is a method of transmitting sound waves into your bones so that you can FEEL the music and HEAR spoken words even if you are deaf. I've never seen any feedback on this. It was once marketed as a device to enhance personal music devices for people who are not deaf. It was also marketed as a device that could amplify ambient sound into the bones thus allowing the deaf to hear.
By fiabelle
No i have not heard about that. I wasn't born until 1990..I don't think they sell these anymore, and i am not fond of hearing aids or whatever you call them. I can also feel the music via vibration.
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By Michael D. Grissom
Faibelle, it was a device like an MP3 player that you could wear on you belt, leg, or arm, anywhere close to a bone (like hip bone) and would transmit the sound vibrations throughout the body's bone structure. It was a way of listenting to and feeling music without anyone around you being able to hear it.

A quick google search on key words "bone fone" returned many hits and this was number 1: ... ndex3.html
By bigbrodavies
i think it be a good idea to ad to compliment toilet seat,
please pull flush, and please wash your hands,etc,
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