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By Becca
You know little kids love to write in the dark, read in the dark, mostly do stuff in the dark. Well my idea is to my books, pens, pencils, paper and other stuff for little kids to do to be made able to see in the dark. I know I love to have glow in the dark stickers, and little stars that hang on my ceiling. I know I would love to have pens with glow in the dark ink, same with pencils, paper, and books. I would buy tons of them. I think that making them and selling them to schools would be a great idea to earn money for fund raisers and even just at a student store.

Reward: Fun for student and also kewl stationary.
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By Steve
Sound like fun! ;-D Just a question: when I was a kid, my parents told me that reading/writing/working with insufficient light was bad for the eyes. Ok, parents tell their kids a lot during the years and not all is necessarily true, but I do wonder if a set like that wouldn't earn the eye doctor a lot of extra money?
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By CycoMage
Also, of course, the ink would have to glow brighter than the paper. Writing time would be limited, however, as the glow would fade as the "charge" wears off. I wonder how long one would have to leave a glow-in-the-dark pen under a light to get a suitable glow. And wouldn't the paper be a little thick? !+)
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By Michael D. Grissom
I couldn't find any "glow in the dark" paper on the internet but, I did find a nice compromise with a fttp:// search on keywords "backlit drawing" (must use quotation marks in the search) and found the product displayed below at This is a really nice unit because it will shine through your paper (emulates glowing) and also fold flat for your lap while in bed.

Please let us know if you get one and how you like it. I might like one for those times when I wake up in the middle of the night with a fantastic idea or dream that needs to be written down immediately.

Very cool idea Becca!!! ;-D ;-D ;-D
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By CycoMage
Good work, Michael! And you're quite right, a very good, interesting & nifty idea! :-D
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By wenchie
You can also buy ink pens that have a small light at the writing end. You can write in the dark and not bother anyone around you. I've had one of these on my bedside table for a couple years now. have seen several advertised online (even with different color lights!)

Handy to have in purse/pocket/backpack too in case you get an idea or need to write something down during a movie or lecture and there isn't much light.
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By Michael D. Grissom
wenchie... did you notice that there's an alien in your icons hair?

Strange,.. I have one of those lighted pens and never thought to put it on my night stand until I read your response. Now I do!

By matthewroberts
Great ideas.

You can buy glow-in-the-dark pens at Spencers (a novalty gift shop). They were designed for writing on your wall, books, etc. You know, all the stuff you shouldn't write on. When the lights go out (fooopfff, it's your world)

I used to write on my walls as a kid with Chlorox Ultra Bleach. Using a q-tip, I'd dip it in a lid-full of the color bleach and write on my walls. It was a bit glossy when it dried, but other than the occasional light hitting it at the right angle, you wouldn't be able to tell. Fire up a black-light and've got walls full of your ideas, thoughts, poetry, wits of wisdom (kinda like on The Fast and the Furious)
...this is the next step in the hidden text black-light revolution down from using liquid highlighters...(watch, now someone is going to go right out after reading this and try writing in Clorox color bleach on their bedroom walls in their mother's house).

Comming to think of it, I did this same thing in college on my dorm room walls. You want to know whether or not I got away with it? Well? I got away with it. and my deposit.
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