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By grinn
What if your mobile phone is not working and nothing to do with it but to turn it to trash? Would it be great if someone could invent a software/hardware device that would convert mobile phones as walky talky or fm radio or cordless phone (hardware plus software manipulation). walky talky or home wireless phone complete with different colored backlights with personalized logo and ringtones. JUST IMAGINE... WOW Its pretty cool right? And functional too. If theres something like it then lets do our part! Earth friendly...less trash :)

Anyone wilder??

Reward: a unit of that (with free upgrades) will do with my name grinn-earth friendly.
You can buy mobile's as radio already. :*)
By just me
There are already units available which not only work as a mobile phone and am/fm radio, but also as a walkie talkie (two-way radio).
By acemarc
Hang on there buddy, I've heard there's such a thing as Push-to-talk. It's a service that works using GPRS. It's always ON so you can
receive/and listen to calls from at least 4-6 of your friends.

All you have to do is get a phone loaded with PTT or PoC software,
subscribe to the service and Voila! walkie talkie like how you described it.

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