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By Andy Mole
A wrist watch that automatically adjusts the time to what ever time zone you are in. Saves about 300 people having to fiddle with their watch every time we get off an international flight.

Reward: A swanky diamond encrusted Rolex. :)
By Andrew Adler
Neat application for the GPS system.
By Andy Mole
Glad you think so mate cos I've nearly finished making the first prototype!! I appear to have it working, though now all I need is the money to test it out all over the world... any offers?
By Alf Nobel
Taking laziness to amazing new levels...

How about something to solve real problems, like 300 people having to fiddle with the peanut packets that are passed out on flights? The packets could open upon contact with the fold-out tray, maybe using a magnetic open-close system. Of course, you'd still have to find a way to transfer the peanuts from the container to your mouth. Hmm... can't think of anything - anybody have an idea?
By Andy Mole
Glad you like the idea Alf... I'll be sure to send you one!
By Peter ST Lim
Great idea. Would add to the suggestion that there should be two clocks, one for home country, the other for time at local location.
If linked to GPS anyway, perhaps can read out current coordinates. Then follow a local map to locate "I am here".
Countries could also imbed time signal in local radio transmissions, then a small built in radio in the wrist watch could be used to extract local time, less hw requirement when operating a radio compared to GPS receiver.
Miniature radios are already in the market. Need to package it into a watch.
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By Michael D. Grissom
I would like to see the entire world simply set all their watches to the exact same atomic standard so 10am in Moscow is 10am everywhere else in the world. Then it's a simple matter of just getting used to when YOUR sun comes up and goes down (like we do for daylight savings time for example). This would eliminate ALL time zones.

Then,......... we can all fight about who gets to have the sun directly overhead at noon.
By Jack Nobbz
Already been done dude, it's on several different digital watches. You just go the appropriate menu option, and change your time zone.

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