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By AlmightyGod
My idea is based on the simple electronic heating pad I frequently use at night for relief of the arthritis pain I experience often in my left arm. How often I have wished that...

1.) The ends were sewn together to form a sleeve that my arm would fit into comfortabley and...

2.) the pad was powered either by batteries (maybe convential aaa battieries or such... MAYBE watch style batteries since those last forever and/or was powered by a "recharge it during the day use it at night" type system... like a flashlight I have that always stays on the recharger... until I need it then I unplug it and use it). Either system for powering it would be better than plugging it into a wall where If I am wearing my 'Arthritis Pain Relief Sleeve' and fall asleep, turn over and as a result unplug it the heat goes off. If someone could invent this so I could eventually purchase one from Kmart or Wallmart I would be soooo appreciative.
By Rishi
Use a velcro belt to hold the pad around your arm.

Watch batteries last for over a year only because the circuits consume negligible power. On the other hand heating pads are power guzzlers. Even AA batteries would not last more than a few minutes. The nearest one can consider are the maintenance free batteries used in computer backup power packs. These are rather large and not very light. but one can place them under the pillow I guess.
By charlesroland
It's right that arthritis is very painful. Instead of taking dream about electronic arthritis for getting relief from arthritis folks can use natural home remedies for arthritis. A massage from coconut oil after warm bathing is very helpful for reducing the arthritis pain. I knew banana is very useful for increasing weight , however I have found that banana can be used as a treatment for arthritis.

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