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By Michael D. Grissom
Would anyone like to see a CreativityPoolPub forum where fun, creative, innovative people can go to talk about anything and everything but sex, religion, politics, spelling, and grammar? ...where icon drinks are served and humor, jokes, and cartoons are prevalent?... where rude, crude, and lascivious behaviour will NOT tolerated? no other 'safe'
haven you can go on the internet?

This is a query so, let me know what you think! Throw some ideas into the pool.

I can visualize it now...

Reward: A Yard of Guiness ;)
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By CycoMage
Oh, yeah.................Just the typo place id like. Maybe a Bill Gates dartboard in one corner, and a Creativity Pooltable. Putting it next to a hardware store, and near a thrift-shoppe, would be good. It could even have an "idea construction (attempt) area" near the back. Give me the address once it's up, and please don't be stingy on the franchise rights. It could even sell trademarked snorkles (maybe a drink glass), masks, flippers, etc. ;-D
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By Michael D. Grissom
Passing first drink to CycoMage! ;-D
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By CycoMage
Yo! Michael! Thanx for the drink, but I'll save it for later. Now all we have to decide upon, as if Steve has NO choice, is flooring. I prefer hardwood, but customers may enjoy carpeting. Being out of Vegas I despise multi-color hide-any-stain designs, and sawdust&peanut shells are for biker bars to help clean the puke (sorry(yeah, right)). Maybe we can get out cheap w/laminates, but what pub wants to look like a bowling alley? Hell, could B steve has no choice, we need backers! ;-D B-)
Oh, by the way, thanx for the cool graphics and comix, I really enjoy them. You'll have to help me learn how to do that kind o' stuff sometime. Steve helped me out w/an avatar (fun to type) but I still can't get it to work correctly. I'm sorta new to modern comp. sys. but learn quickly. My last programming class (summer 1985) used punch-cards! So much for Cali ed. Glad to see you at the bar!
O0ops, I mean Pub!
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By Steve
The avatar problem is my fault - don't bother. Just didn't have time to fix it yet... ;-7
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By Michael D. Grissom
CycoMage,.. I worked my way through college repairing those punch card readers for IBM and Litton/Kimble Systems. During those years, I was converting old discarded 'tube type' TV's into amateur radio trancievers. Aaaaaaa those were the days huh!

As for teaching you how to draw cartoons,.. for about 20 years I've been betting people in bars (all you can drink type bets) that I can teach anyone how to do it in 20 minutes -- I haven't lost one of those bets yet. One of them went on to become a published cartoonist in the Army and another is now drawing for Marval (sp?) comics. Both now draw better than I do. So, maybe next time I see you in the pub we'll do 20 minutes with a few bar napkins if we're not too busy flurting with the bartenders.
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By CycoMage
Sounds good to me, when can you get to Newport? Or, better yet, why don't we meet in Vegas? There are a few highly distracting bartenders that I have to get back to...............
You might have to change the timing on the bet, however....
By Jim10
Yes Michael...I think this would be a great idea. This topic is somewhat old...Was the pub ever opened? I can see pulsating neon sign out front already- perhaps in a sleezy lime green. Jim.
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By Michael D. Grissom
Your right on target with the sleezy green sign Jim. I have animated about two thirds of the people in the bar (with color) but then became extremely busy with a new invention prototype. The animations are easy -- it's keeping the file size reasonable for dial-up surfers that's time consuming. I am committed to finishing the pub and will do so very soon.
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By Michael D. Grissom
I must be loosing my mind,.. I thought I uploaded the Pub's animation a long time ago. I think it's only 85K. I'll try it again.
I'll keep adding CreativityPool suggestions until the Pub is full of strange characters.
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