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By colacool2003
I go to school every morning and i eat pb&j so when i make my lunch every so often the jelly jar gets low so my hand has to go into the jar and my hand gets really sticky. Could there be some way that a jar could be made for food like jelly?

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By Steve
Very simple, very cool. Actually one of the ideas where you wonder why it hasn't been done yet (IF it hasn't been done yet). ;-D
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By Michael D. Grissom
Here in the US we have been using extra long spoons made to resolve this problem. A few years ago some suppliers of jam, jelly, and honey started using short wide mouth jars (like very short Mason Jars) and I never thought about WHY until I read this topic. Next time I buy something sticky, I'll try the new packaging. Thanks!
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By CycoMage
M. D. G., thanx 4 the link, just took a side-trip tour, and blew about an hr., discussing & laughing w/ my soon to be bro.-in-law ;-D . Hope Steve (also me bro.'s name, and have been runnin' into many lately) don' mind ;-7 . I still like the idea of having the jar open at both ends, however, as this solves the problem entirely, and makes for easy cleaning. Just need a "child-proof" type locking system on the "bottom" lid. B-)
By riley454
In Australia we have squeeze bottles of almost everything, so you don't need to even use a knife to put your favourite spread on bread or toast
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