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By ganzo29
Don't you hate it when you are in bed and in the middle of the night you are woke up needing a glass of water. What if you have some kind of container or something that sits on the top of your head board or on the side that is connected to a hose and all you have to do is grab the hose and put it in your mouth and release the clamp keeping it tight. This way you will not even have to sit up in bed to drink the water but merely grab that hose and stick in down your throat and let it slide in the back of your mouth. Ohhhh refreshing!

Reward: To get one of these for free!
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By Steve
You could nail a Camelbak to the wall over your bed. :-]
By beach
Use an empty water bottle like you buy at a convenience store, attach a sport cap, presto, same thing...................
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By Michael D. Grissom
I've ofter thought of doing the same thing only for BEER.

...but then I would have to run a long Neoprene tube from the bed to the toilet.
By MissPlayful
Methinks what you need here is a flexible softlysmooth container made of rubber, the shape and size of a breast, that you can fill with your favourite fluid, and place on a shelf or table next to the bed. This would have a teat that only releases liquid when you suckle on it, like a real breast. When you awake thirsty, simply reach out for the container, grasp it gently, attach your lips to the nipple, and suck away to your heart’s content. Then peacefully back to sleep.

These containers could be made in various shapes and sizes, so you could buy ones that closely match your idea of the most desirable breast. They could come in matching pairs, as seems befitting, and you could put a different fluid in each one.
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By Michael D. Grissom
MissPlayful is obviously trying to design around my air-tight Pillow Patent in a blatant attempt to steal it. This is really frustrating. Methinks I'll go back to bed.
By MissPlayful
Rest easy in your bed Michael D. Grissom! - any resemblance between my idea and your airtight pillow and its patent (or is that your pillow and its airtight patent?) is purely coincidental. I am proceeding on the assumption that one of the gods invented the human breast and currently holds the patents, and I was merely suggesting a variation of the use its maker originally intended for it, using a container modelled on the original.

As I was unable to find any reference to your airtight pillow idea on Creativity Pool I am not sure how it relates to the discussion in question. So I will confine myself to this observation. Around the world millions of breasts have been, are and will continue to be used to pillow heads of the weary, the contemplative, the amorous. While breasts do flatten out somewhat when put to this use, they generally do not deflate, so I guess they are usually airtight. Should you be with a partner whose breasts do deflate in such a situation you could try blowing them up again I suppose.
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