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By Roman Leinwather
Betting on sport events is somehow similar to stock trading: Complete amateurs can lose a lot of money, but for the expert, it's a serious source of income.

Because picking the right stocks can be tricky, a lot of people choose to buy fund shares and have an expert take care of their money. The obvious advantage is that someone can work on the stocks full-time, and due to the large amounts of money involved, any transaction generating even a small percentage is worthwhile.

I am sure that a true sports expert could do a similar job by placing money on sports bets: With enough time and experience, it would be possible to determine which bets - compared with the risk - have the best odds, and dividing the risk among many bets, the flow of profits could be rather continuous.

Reward: Consider me as a fund manager.
By Takoma Park
Intergalactic planetary, Roman! But if you're only interested in (long-term) profit, why not invest with a stock broker, where the odds are better, instead of a bet broker in the first place?

But oh well - why not. How much of a percentage do you charge?
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By Steve
I totally agree - stock trading is simply a special form of betting (that a particular stock will rise). Or just take Warren Buffett and Bill Gates who have been betting against the USD - not much different than Mr. Leinwather betting against the underdogs to be beaten by his favorite football team.

There is just one problem: while on the stock exchange, one man's loss is another man's win (with changing roles), bookies don't like you to get the better of them all the time. To maximize their wins, it seems like betting offices tend to kick out customers who win too often - in fact, this has recently happened to me at In a way, it almost feels like an honor, but I am also pissed, because - given those who have lost car and house while betting - I see it as a somewhat unfair way to do business (it lacks sportsmanship, too). So, once someone has set up a successful betting fund, you might end up having nowhere to play. ;-7
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By Steve
Now that everybody knows that the banks are just taking everybody's money and gambling away with it, maybe this idea would be worth revisiting? :-B
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