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By Sean_Mastromatteo
A breathable gel filled neoprene pant down to the knees used for skiing and snowboarding that keeps the buns warm when sitting on the chair lift. The gel fill is electro chemically activated as desired to warm you when you need it.

Reward: a big phat wet kiss from a hot looking babe.
I've snowboarded for years. I think you need to just invest in better pants or remember to pack your long johns!
By boboisgreat
This is a good idea - I thought of this years ago. You may want to reconsider the neoprene gel. My idea used shorter pants - Speedos actually - combined with beard hair from Norwegians. You'll definitely need Norwegian beard hair - they grow it longer and it gets thicker than anywhere else. You take approx 3 cu yards of this beard hair and staple it to the inside of the Speedos - staple to the top waistband of the Speedos and pull through the leg openings. Using a couple of rubberbands, snug the beard hair around your knees - that should keep everything from your waist to your knees warm. Chicks really like this too because it makes you look very European - almost Italian. I think the moderator got mad at me for saying I was going to patent some other idea, so I'll just say I'm not really going to patent this idea - you guys can use it.

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