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By CycoMage
Again I am not sure if this is original, but here goes: Now this will tak ALOT of capital and state/county red-tape cutting, but I believe it's possible.

- A building is built, somewhere around 12-14 stories.
- The building is given it's own rights as a township/city.
- Every lessee/rentor is given it's own street address.
- As a town, the building has its own P.O., P.O boxes do not have #'s, but addresses, as chosen by rentors.
- No customers realize they are sending $ to a P.O. box.
- The building has receptionist, janitors, custodians, conference rooms, a convenience store, coffee shop, and catering avail.
- Maybe even a commissary/cafeteria, as well as other conveniences, all at a premium price, of course.

Reward: Access to nuclear weapons! NOT kidding. Someone has to watch over that junk!
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By Steve
CycoMage, please excuse the question from a non-business person like myself, but what would be the advantage of such a construction over, let's say, a business park?
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By CycoMage
The main reason I thought of this is I got a letter from some poetry scam (after ai submitted a poem, O'course), and their address was 1 poetry lane, somewhere on Earth. That got me thinkin'........
Alot of people think of places that use a P.O. box as their primary mailing address are second rate, fly by night, advertising at 3 am, cheesy companies. Some people have a problem with trusting a business with an address in a city such as Las Vegas, bad rep. & all, I guess.
With a business park a business would have to accept the name of the city they are in, as well as whatever street name is assigned to the park (w/ a suite #, or address #). If you want to name the street yourself, you have to buy undeveloped land and probably negotiate for the address you want (501 conestoga way, for example ( guess who had that one)). That all gets expensive, and puts you, by neccesity, outside of town.
Maybe I should have titled the idea "Office City". Like I said, this will take some red tape cutting, but if a building (or complex/park), or even seperate sections, could be recognized as townships +/or city(ies), then every business could relatively inexpesively choose their own address. Being a city would also grant the building its own post office (& zip), so PoB's could also have street names & #'s, instead of a P.O.#, granting it more credibility, without the business needing to actually build/lease a building of their own.
Everything else I threw in are just further perks, since I presume premium rates would be charged. B-)
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