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By tulrain
How many Americans would actually do good will for the people. Most would go on vacation, or sit at home in front of the TV. The sad truth is that America is a fat and lazy society and we are and will keep suffering for it.
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By Michael D. Grissom
tulrain <---> go to

Your input would be valued there.

It's a real site where everyone is like you. In fact, the sites front page is a test to make sure you can't get in unless you're like YOU.


Sean... <---> I love this idea... if only we could invent a way to make it work. In order to justify the week off it might be necessary for all to submit a verifiable essay of what was done "for the good of man" during that week. If not verified you lose that weeks pay.

Suggestions anyone???
By ironmac65
sean!!! i lo-o-o-ve this idea! let's find a way to make it work! person-kind can only benefit from it and corporate America could go *beep* in their collective billion dollar hats!
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